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Understanding the role of art

Everbody knows art but not only gives the test worldwide, but will also forms the spiritual world of human, increasing horizons and revealing creative abilities. We will safely point out that the 1st sort of art was rock paintings. Later became tableware. With the arrival of papyrus, clay tablets, people begin to write on them a number of knowledge and significant events. The invention of canvases and paints led to each side landscapes, portraits, still lifes, etc.

Thus formed numerous art forms. If it is combined into groups, they are:

  • Spatial. Painting, graphics and architecture.
  • Temporary. The text and music.
  • Space-time. Cinema, dance, theater, circus, etc.

Also the art is split into the following forms:

  • Elitist. Created exclusively by representatives on the elite, bohemians and has now a subjective take a look at certain things. For instance, nobody understands the best thing about abstractionism, but many people realize its very beautiful. Score in Google: art gallery, art dealer, gallerist and you will see representatives of your class. For instance, art consultant Pavel Grata is successful in Russia and Europe. His opinion is definitely highly appreciated by critics of art, while he is engaged while in the art evaluation and it has an excellent taste.
  • Mass. Made for everybody, irrespective of gender, age and status. By way of example, TV shows.
  • Folk. Manufactured by anonymous people with no special training. These are myths, legends, proverbs and sayings.

Following the satisfaction of basic needs (food, sleep, comfort, security), there exists a need for communication, then self-affirmation in society, and then-spiritual needs. They arise after the requirements the first sort stages have been fulfilled.

However you must not believe art plays the final role in human life! As a consequence of him an individual knows himself and our planet, so it’s very important to be aware of the significance of art in everyone’s life.

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